Create TestNG.xml File

  • There is a need to fully execute the entire group of test cases in TestNG.
  • This will be possible by constructing a test suit in TestNG.
  • Test suite is a testng.xml file that contains a set of test cases that need to be executed.
  • To create and manage many test classes we need to create a testng.xml file.
  • We configure the test run, set test definitions, including a test, method, class or package and set priority etc. in the testng.xml file.


Create TestNG XML File:

1) Right click on Project folder, go to New and select File.

2) In New file wizard, add file name = “testng.xml” and click on Finish button.

3) It will add testng.xml file under your project folder.


Example TestNG.xml file for Single Class:


TestNG.xml code Explanation:

  • <suite>: suite tag defines the TestNG suite in TestNG.xml file. You can give any name to your suite using ‘name’ attribute.
  • <test>: test tag defines the TestNG test in TestNG.xml file. You can give any name to your test using ‘name’ attribute.
  • <classes>: classes tag defines multiple class in TestNG.xml file. We can multiple test class under classes tag.
  • <class>: class tag defines the class name which you wants to consider in test execution in TestNG.xml file.


Example TestNG.xml file for Multiple Class:


Execute a testng.xml file to create TestNG.xml File:

  • Right click on testng.xml –> Run As –> TestNG Suite.
  • After running test suite, Test class will be executed and you will get the below output.

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