What is Google Adsense? How to Make Money with Adsense?

Finally! we have a free and great option to make money from Google Adsense.   

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a platform which helps you to run an advertisement on your website or blog and Youtube videos and get paid once the user clicks on any ads.

Now one question arises in our mind is why Google Adsense helps us to get rich by providing the free platform?

Let us assume one scenario to give the answer to your questions is,  One advertisement company wants to promote their product through advertisement. And for that, they are ready to pay $3 per 1000 click on ads. Now Google Adsense will run this ad in website, blog and Youtube videos. And if the user clicks on any ads Google Adsense will take some amount like $1.2(There is no fix calculation) and rest of $1.8 will be providing to us. But, Google Adsense will surely pay a higher amount to us.

How to make money from Google Adsense?

Now there are some advantages and disadvantages aspects to make money with Google Adsense.


1. It is totally free to sign up.
2. You can easily monetize your website, blog and Youtube Videos.
3. There are many options to create default as well as custom ads.
4. You can run ads on several websites using same Google Adsense account. Sounds Great!
5. Google will pay monthly(Once you reach $100 limit) by direct deposit.


1. Google Adsense has strict policies to run ads on the website.
2. Google can instantly terminate your Adsense account if you break any rules.

I must tell you to read Google Adsense policy before creating the account. Definitely, Google Adsense is a great option to monetize and make money online. It’s easy to add the ad code to your website.

There are different types to create ads in Google Adsense.

  • Text & Display Ads(Ads will display with image and text)
  • Display Ads(Ads will display with image only)
  • Text Ads only(Ads will display with text only)

You can here customize the ads sizes and color with a lot of combinations.

Google Adsense Payment Policy

Google will pay you every month by cheque or deposit.And there will be no issue with payment until reach to first $100. Yes, Google will not pay you before $100 in your Adsense account.

Through your AdSense account, you can see your current earnings, previous day’s earning what ads are generating the most clicks and many more.

Cool Tips to Make Money from Adsense

Here are some tips to increase your Adsense revenue:

  • Read Google Adsense Policy carefully.
  • Never ever click your own ads. If you will click on your ads then Google Adsense will terminate your account.
  • As per Google standard, you can only put 3 ads on the single page. If you add more check out policies well.
  • A great and unique content leads you to gain more traffic to your website. A unique content will help you to boost up your website or blog’s rank higher in the Google Search.
  • Put your ads in proper placement to increase your income.
  • Use Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and other methods to get targeted user’s attention.

And Lastly, always focus on target audience who visit your website for not once but, visit again and again.

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