How to Place ads on Website Properly And Get High CPC

Earning money from Google Adsense is not that easy as we are thinking!

But, today I will share my personal experience for how to place ads correctly on the website and How you will generate higher CPC.

Remeber One thing Placing an ad on Website doesn’t mean you will earn more.You have to work hard to gain more traffic and valuable content for your website.

Why the content is more important because Of course, we are placing our ads better on our website but, think if a user will not come to our website then who will click on our ads so good content always required to have in our website.

Here is some information to place ads:

Before Placing Ads

Organize your site’s content properly and it can be easy to navigate. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering where to position your ads:

  1. Why user comes to your website?
  2. What are you offer to users to come to your website?
  3. Where is their attention likely to be focused?
  4. Do am I irritating users to show ads and ads on my website and they won’t come back?

Now pretend yourself as a user and just think. Do you like and visit again if all above points are correct?

NO, your audience wants clean and easy viewable content instead of cluttering all content with full of ads.Also, choose an ad style that’s easy for your users to read.

Types of Ads to get more Money
  • Find out ads have high CPC and Put those ads at the right place where the chances of getting a click are higher.As per my experience, you should at least add one custom 300*250 ad in home screen on right top or bottom section, one 728*90 banner in the header section and one 300*250 ad in between of content place on your website.
  • Always you would have to experiment with your ad placement until Your ads are not performing well in terms of CPC.
  • Try to increase your Traffic.Especially Traffic from Those Places where the CPC is bit higher. For Example – Canada, USA, and the UK have Highest CPC.The image below might help you to understand this properly.

Place your ads near the content that your users are interested in, It will help you get a high number of clicks, But also make sure that users can easily find the content they are looking for. For example, if your site offers videos, make sure the videos are easy to find and watch.

You can create different color combinations ads also as per your website demand.Moreover, you have to use Ads Like – Link ads, native ads, and Display Ads for better user experience. But, one thing that you have to take is not to do overwhelmingly because this creates the wrong impression to your viewers to visit again.

I hope now you are clear with better ads placement. But still, if you have any doubts feel free to post your comment below.It will be my pleasure to solve your problems.

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