Is it necessary to go to the gym?

Not at all!

There are plenty of options and alternatives to staying fit instead of paying the fees at gyms and commuting.

A great place to start would be a workout program that encompasses interval training; an efficient and effective way to build strength and endurance. This way you are working out with the goal of overall health and fitness.

Other than It depends on which type of body do you desire…

1. If you want a ripped body and if it is a huge body transformation for you, you should surely go to the gym and workout, you should also consult a fitness trainer & expert in bodybuilding and don’t start things like transforming your diet pattern on your own.

2. If you want an athletic body and your plan is only fitness then there is no need to get your precious money spent on things like a gym.
There are a lot of activities which will increase your lung capacity, enhance stamina, and lower your heart rate like:

i) Running
ii) swimming (it is great if you know how to swim)
iii) Brisk walking (it is the easiest and it works on all the muscles of your body)

P.S: I would advise you to go for running (excellent if you do it) every morning, it would not only enhance your stamina but also increase your self-confidence, I am currently 14 years old and I run 10- 15 kilometers every morning.

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