Salman’s anger did not stop, then Arijit Singh showed up the way out

Not to be upset, Salman again removes Arijit’s song
How was controversy started?

The problem came in the relationship between Salman and Arijit in the year 2013. Salman was hosting an award show. Only then Arijit was called for the award. Arijit said you people gave a call. From then on, Salman is angry with Arijit.

Salman Khan is very upset with singer Arijit. In the year 2106, Arijit had asked for the song ‘Jag Ghoomiya’ in the film Sultan.

But Salman deleted the song of Arijit and released this song from Relief Fateh Ali Khan. That is what people liked very well. After this, Arijit apologized to Salman even after tweeting But it does not seem to have any effect on Salman.

Arijit’s Apology

The singer had apologized to Salman Khan via his Facebook post as soon as news of Sultan’s removal of Arijit’s songs was received. Arijit had requested him not to remove the song from his song ‘Sultan’. However, the singer had removed his post after an hour.

Arijitbelieves that Salman got angry with this and after speaking to the singer, his mistake was realized and after receiving the award he had also spoken ‘sorry’ in his ear while getting his neck.

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