Skip/Disable/Ignore Tests in TestNG

  • Sometimes we can face a situation where our test cases cannot be prepared and we have to stop those tests from running due to exception issues.

Ways to Skip / Disable / Ignore Tests in TestNG:

We can achieve this requirement in three ways:

  1. Making parameter “enabled” as “false”.
  2. Using “exclude” parameter in testng.xml.
  3. “throw new SkipException()” in the if condition to Skip / Ignore Test.

1. Making parameter “enabled” as false:

  • Using @Test(enabled = false) this method. We are able to skip/ignore method.
  • Using @Test(enabled = false) method we can not run the method it simply skip/ignore method and executes next one.
  • If we want to execute / run method then simply add true above the method e.g: @Test(enabled = true).

Example: Skip / Ignore method using @Test(enabled = false)

  • Right click on the testng.xml and run it as ‘TestNG Suite’ to execute script.



2. Using “exclude” parameter in testng.xml:


  • TestNg provides an option to include or exclude for Groups, Test Methods, Classes and Packages using include and exclude tags by defining in testng.xml.
  • Only include methods will be Execute / Run other methods will be skip / ignore.


  • Using <exclude name=”method_name” /> this method. We are able to skip / ignore method. 


  • Using < include name=”method_name” /> this method. Execute method properly.


  • We will create a Class with three Test Methods. In that we will include two test methods and try to excludeone test method.

Example: class file with three test methods.

Example: Use Exclude / Include in TestNG



3. skipping a test method is by using throw new SkipException() exception:


  • Once SkipException() thrown, remaining part of that test method will not be executed and control will goes directly to next test method execution.


Example: Skip / Ignore Test in TestNG using SkipException()


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