Top 5 Suicide Places in the World

There are many places had created the worst stories ever. But, here are some top 5 places at top of the suicide places.
#5. Beachy Head(England):

Beachy Head is a stunning and beautiful spot in the south of England but is also famous for a much more tragic set of circumstances.As the site of at least 20 suicides a year (though this number is decreasing), a number of steps have been made to stop the needless deaths (and they seem to be working).

#4. The Gap, Australia

The Gap is one of the world’s top suicide spots, with about 50 jumpers a year plunging to their deaths from these beautiful but deadly cliffs. It has been lucky to have “the Guardian of the Gap”, 85-year-old Don Ritchie whom we have written about before.

#3. Niagara Falls, USA / Canada

Niagara Falls on the border of Ontario and New York isn’t just a famous tourist destination. Every year, around 20 to 25 people leap into the turbulent waters below.Staggeringly, from 1856 through 1995, Niagara Falls was the site of 2,780 known suicides. And only three people are known to have survived the drop unaided by a safety device.

#2. Aokigahara forest, Mount Fuji, Japan

Aokigahara has another name; the Suicide Forest. And such is the number of deaths here each year that looks hard enough and you will find a corpse. In 2003 alone, 105 bodies were recovered from the woods and this has shown little signs of abating.In 2010 it is estimated that there were more than 200 suicide attempts in Aokigahara (of which 54 succeeded).From what I hear there is an annual sweep of the forest making it almost certain that at any one time there could be dozens of bodies strewn throughout the Aokigahara.

#1. Golden Gate Bridge, USA

San Francisco’s famous bridge has the unenviable record of being the place where more people in the world commit suicide than any other. Official suicide records were up to 1,200 by 2005. Because of the design of the bridge, barriers could cause a safety concern in a strong windstorm so have not been considered an option. In 2008, the government agreed to install a plastic-covered stainless steel net to be positioned below the bridge. Costing 40 to 50 million dollars,
it has not been installed yet. Because of the height of the bridge, only 2% of people survive suicide attempts here.

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